Raccoon Creek Creative Studio

*Studio is still open to rent even when an in-house model is on the calendar.

**REMINDER: please no shoes on the backdrop paper, only models when posing.

Nestled in the charming wine country of South Jersey is this beautiful new 2400 sq ft waterfront photography studio run by Greg Gardner.

The studio features a large 2 story structure (Studio A), fully equipped shooting rooms and natural light opportunity. There are 2 large garage doors to allow for bringing in large props (even a motorcycle!) and wheelchair friendly access (for the downstairs anyway). The main shooting space is 23'x35' with 13' ceilings. It features 6 backdrop paper rolls and numerous smaller 5'x7' backdrops all hung and ready to go.

The outdoor area allows for the waterfront backdrop and will have more spots set up in the spring. Privacy can be found in spots but always have to be aware of boat traffic. The home can sometimes be used for shooting and features some shooting spots including a 2nd shooting space (Studio B) boudoir area with large jetted tub and open air shower. The over-sized sliding glass doors allow the waterfront backdrop.

A work in progress....

The property was purchased at the end of August 2019. The renovations on the studio started soon after, originally starting with having to insulate, drywall, spackle, and paint floors. The AC/Heat was next to be installed along with painting some walls to get it up and running. Please understand it's not 100% perfect yet. There's a lot of improvements to make as time goes on (and money comes in) that will constantly make this an exciting place to see develop. 

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