On-location Guide & Lookout Services 

Note: this is mainly targeting nude model photographers, but could work for any type of shoot. I've been able to find a large mix of unique outdoor locations throughout the area. With the traveling models coming through the area and me now being able to host, I wanted to find another way to offer a way to help everyone have successful shoots. I'm available to take you to any locations I know (or hell, help you scout and lookout for any of your locations too!) and stay around as lookout for others passing through. 

Please keep in mind that these locations are not in No Trespassing situations, but are on public trails or locations. I cannot guarantee how many or few people may be around to interrupt a session or how much nudity you'll be able to get away with but I will note which locations are best for full nudity with typically limited or no others around. I will order these by best to worst, in my opinion, for full nudes and limited traffic

Cost: $20/hr [from meetup time til returning to vehicle]

Location #1

-Zip: 19063; near Media, PA

-Large parking lot for cars; Have to hike in, first pavilion spot is about 7 minutes in and main building is about 8 minutes in. The trail is a bit tiring as going in has a bit of up hill spots

-None to Rare for passer bys; Nudity typically okay, but always be alert

-Features a large pavilion, large wooden abandoned building, unique graffiti on back of bathroom building and lots of forest and fern features

Location #2

-Zip: 19810 ; near Wilmington, DE

-Have to park car in small parking area then walk to the trail; 5 minute walk, 2-5 minutes to spots on the trail

-None to Rare for passer bys; Nudity typically okay, but always be alert

-Rocky creek, lots of trees, large interesting rocks; a mix of spots with full sun and shaded

Location #3

-Zip: 19317; near Chadds Ford, PA

-Small parking lot for cars; Lots of hills, not the easiest hike if going to all spots. About 1/2 mile to the two best spots and another 1/4 mile up a steep hill to the open meadow. Tiring but okay for most people.

-None to Rare for passer bys; Nudity typically okay, but always be alert; keep eye out for mountain bikers and horseback riders

-Features small abandoned building, creek, open meadow and depending on time of year and crop rotations, there is sometimes a corn field.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION: more coming soon!

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