In-House Models

TLDR: I'm hosting these models at my home/studio. They're available for bookings at the studio (if it's available) and elsewhere at your choice of location. Studio discounts available (codes are only for rentals, not meetups). Message models directly about booking, not me. See bottom of site for more details. Most all models are full-time traveling nude models. 

  • Studio Discount Code: INHOUSEMODEL20 (For these models during these time frames only)

Starla - *Reschedule Pending*

*Traveling with Andie*

Most Ghost - *Reschedule Pending*

*Traveling with Most Ghost*

Andie Lavictoire- *Reschedule Pending*

*Traveling with Starla*

Tiffany Helms - *Reschedule Pending

*Traveling with Most Ghost*

Jenna Citrus - *Reschedule Pending*

Carissa Santigate - Reschedule Pending*

Liv Sage - *Reschedule Pending*

Ayeonna Gabrielle - *Reschedule Pending*

Leo Velo - *Reschedule Pending*

Melissa Troutt - *Reschedule Pending*

*Aerial Silks experience - rigging point ready!*

Asia Abendroth - *Reschedule Pending*

*Traveling with Bella Burke*

Bella Burke - *Reschedule Pending*

*Traveling with Asia Abendroth*

Bree Addams - *Reschedule Pending*

This information will be best for those who want to book models for private sessions, rather than or in addition to the meetup group stuff. Often times, the models will not be doing any meetup events due to timing, so please don't assume that I'll have an event for them unless it's listed.

I host models at my house in Bridgeport, NJ (on site of RCCS). And as part of them staying with us, they'll be helping to promote my studio by mentioning it as their preferred home base. I'll be offering a studio discount for 20% my already low rate of $35/hr (discounts at 7+ hours). The discount codes are for the "Standard Studio Rental" options, NOT for meetup events! I am often available at an additional fee of $20/hr to assist with setup, lighting and such. As always, please confirm with the model before booking the studio and me if you need me to assist.

Please be sure to plan directly with the models as I don't know their schedule or exactly when they are arriving and leaving. Feel free to mention to them that you found of their travels through my meetup group. That will help them know you're aware of them being nearby. Be sure to check the studio calendar.

Previous In-House Models

I'm going to start keeping their info below instead of deleting so that I have an easy way to move them back up in the chart when they come here again and so that if you're looking for their info to message them or credit them, it's easy to find here :)

Rebecca Lawrence

*Aerial Silks experience - rigging point ready!*

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